Make $25 Per Hour Playing Diablo 3

Goal for Diablo 3

Goals play an important part in every aspect of life, including both gaming and blogging. In fact, goals are an integral part of all Blizzard games. Your next level, piece of gear, shiny weapon, etc. keep you coming back for more. Besides preset hurdles, it's important to set your own goals in order to enrich your game-play experience. I have a personal goal of making $25 per hour playing Diablo 3. I'd like to also work towards beating the entire game on inferno difficulty as well as dominating in pvp. These two goals would assist me in navigating my primary one as well, since the process of completing them would allow me to know exactly what hardcore gamers want to buy on the auction houses.

$25 Per Hour

Learning to make $25 per hour playing diablo 3 will probably prove difficult but possible with enough effort and research. The key for me will be to try many different strategies and stick with the best combination of them over time (I suggest you follow a similar strategy early on when no one really knows the RMAH yet). My next goal would then be to show other people (you) how to repeat my success without ruining the success of others. Think about it; if I use super secret methods that are ruined once someone else knows about them then I will fail to teach additional people. In order to succeed with my goals, then I will have to develop timeless strategies and change the thinking process of players hoping to earn $25 per hour playing Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 Gold Guide

I've thought long and hard about how to achieve the goal of teaching many other players how to dominate Diablo 3's auction houses. Since I'm showing and teaching ways to earn real money, it is not hard for me to realize the dollar value of my services. I'm very transparent when it comes to why I blog; I work hard to help others succeed and in return I get paid for it. Pretend for a moment that I really do help players achieve the $25 per hour milestone. Would it be fair to change money for a foolproof guide? At the moment I definitely believe that is more than fair. Especially if no recurring fee (monthly or otherwise) is required for updating this information.

No Ads

You may have noticed that there are no advertisements on this blog. No adsense ads or anything else distracting you from your learning experience here. The forums (whether they remain a part of the blog or a separate site) will also remain ad free and accessible for all. I've learned a lot from my Warcraft Gold Blog, and the lessons learned will go into the running of this one. My only planned revenue source will be the Diablo 3 Gold Guide, scheduled for initial design and concept work this November. If I get into the beta (fingers crossed and hoping on two influential people to pull strings for me!), then work will begin even sooner. I'll be sure to reveal them once we do our first podcast and they (hopefully) grab a beta key for me. If they get me more than one then I will raffle it off to you guys and girls.

In the end, this blog will be 90% free and that last 10%, the crucial amount of information necessary to take you from a good auctioneer to an amazing gold guru, will cost money. Following the 90% free theme, there will be amazing freebies for all members of the site, not just those willing to pay for the guide. These will include a podcast (Diablo Day Traders), youtube channel, twitter, forum, and several joint ventures with other influential members of the Diablo community.

The other audience who could potentially buy the guide are those players who simply don't have the time to research blogs and strategies online or do not have the experience to do so. The guide will be perfect for them as well as the players who are ready to become amazing gold gurus.

The Bar is Way Up There

I'm raising the bar very high for Diablo 3 blogging and gold strategists. This site will become a hub of strategies where everyone can spread information freely and achieve their own personal goals. Whether you want $25 an hour or $250, this site will be your best opportunity to do so. To me, all that matters is helping you achieve your goals, whether you pay for the advanced guide or not. This is all very fun to me, regardless of how successful the guide may become.

What do you think of my plan so far? Is it fair? What are your goals for Diablo 3?

Did I forget to mention FREE UPDATES for the guide? Just checking ;)

PS: If you are a blogger, please let me know your site and I will add you to my blog roll. I will chop off blogs that go more than two weeks without posting. If you are a scammer or ad spammer then I will not even consider adding you.


  1. I honestly think 25$/hour is a bit too optimistic, really :). I agree that those few players who will be able to dive into Diablo3 and dedicate a lot of time in research an analysis will be able to make *some* profit. But I don't believe this will be a game where "everyone will be earning money". That's just impossible.

    More people following your blogs = less inexpert/ignorant players. More fame for you, less market possibilities.

    I think that we will be able to gather some (real) money until people will be perfectly aware of gaming/AH mechanics. With the INSANE amount of Diablo-dedicated blogs and forums (already active) I don't think it will be so easy to cash good money.

    Almost everyone is thrilled for the real money AH. IT's the big hit of the game. And almost everyone is 100% sure it will be possible to make money with Diablo3.

    I don't doubt YOU will sell your guides. You are quite famous on the web for your WoW guides/strategies. But I am really not sure that those customers will be actually able to understand and make profit from the game.

  2. I think 25$/hr is very optimistic. Especially considering you are up against gold farmers getting paid god knows how little an hour.

    The only possible way I see to make that much an hour, is by playing the AH. And with the AH, you can only put in a certain number of hours a day, before you start getting diminishing returns: 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the evening finding deals, adjusting auctions.

    But anything above 10$/hr on a consistent basis, and I am all over that guide :) Who am I kidding....I'll buy it no matter what :D

  3. Whoa there Markco you're being mighty optimistic! I doubt anyone will be able to make $25 an hour. You, maybe, but will you be able to sustain it day to day, month to month, over a year or more? Even then, the majority of players will be lucky if they'll make $1 an hour. Me, I'm aiming low: $1 an hour is my initial goal. In fact, rather than fixating on a sum, I'll be happy it I can consistently make *some* profit for every hour of play.

  4. Optimistic it may be, but consider this:

    I may only spend 15 minutes a day buying and posting auctions. If that's the case, yeah it's $25 an hour but only $6.25 a day.

  5. How about all the time you will farm Inferno, I think you will make max 2 dollar or so every hour spent farming Inferno. But 5 dollar for 15 min or so is quite good even though it's not much it would be fun.

  6. I think we will cash *something* as long as very few players will be aware of RMAH mechanics and item values. As said above, there are already too many "make_money_with_D3" sites, forums, blogs, tweets, etc. After the beta it will be even worst, because we will discover tricks and stuff before the final game hits the shelves.

    Also, being all on the same market/server will drastically reduce the chance for AH flips, tricks and fast deals. Underpriced items? Wrong money value for something? A stack of goods at 50% discount? They will last *few seconds* on the AH and only those who live online 24h/24 will grab the deals.

    I am confident that we will mostly make some *good* money with ultra-rare and ultra-wanted items. Say you find that "Amazing Uberaxe of the King" that drops in Inferno mode from the last boss... You will surely sell it for a LOT of money.

    But that will be like winning the lottery (gambling-like). It will be like finding that super-rare item in WoW that can go for 30-40.000 gold on the AH and sell in few hours.

  7. There is another catch. It seems like you will be forced to cash-out as soon as you sell each individual item. So if you sell a 10$ armor you will be forced to depoisit it in your Bnet account OR cash-out via partner payment method (PayPal?).

    If that's true, no one will sell stuff for few dollars. Because there are too many fees (3 from Blizz, 1 from PayPal) and it would be a waste of time. We will probably see listings of 20+ dollars.

    Will players be interested in playing with real money? I know TONS of people like spending some dollars on crappy apps for iPad or iPhone... but few dollars over time sounds good. Lots of dollars EACH time sounds bad.

  8. It's a laudable ambition and I do appreciate how systematic and well-organised you are in your approach.

    What I think though is that income will be volatile rather than steady.

    Consider demand. Demand will peak when players are close to but not quite managing various challenges. So when players enter a new difficulty or when players try to master pvp they are particularly likely to buy gear.

    Consider supply. Supply will be like a slowly opening tap (you call them fawcets on your side of the Atlantic.

    So we see an economic model for people buying gear to ease their way into Inferno as something like this:

    End of week 1 10 people farming Inferno, 5000 people want Inferno entry eased by buying gear.

    End of week 2 500 people farming Inferno, 4000 people seeking gear.

    End of week 7 5000 people farming Inferno, 200 people wanting entry level Inferno gear.

    So your Inferno entry sales will spike early on then decline sharply then decline slowly until the next Expansion hits, you get to Inferno before most others and start selling again.

    The same economic model will apply to many other aspects such as pvp and gold but doesn't fit some things like gems.

    So $25/hour may be easy for the top players in month one but will be very hard in month six. You may possibly be able to do it by diversifying and of course if you're counting gold guide sales that will help you too.

  9. It's good that we finally have an option to actually make some money. No matter how much (1$ or 1000$) you CAN cash out something. That's better than just farming endlessly and playing for virtual -and useless- gold.

    That said, we really need to know the Blizzard fees before any prediction can be done. There will be a LOT of fees, so we will be forced to sell stacks/expensive items.

    I will personally play with gold only, trying to cash out (convert) as soon as I get a decent sum.

  10. Don't forget the insane amount of chinese farmers who will flood the market with items and low prices.

    " One server to rule them all, One server to find them, One server to bring them all and in the darkness bind them "

  11. With all games, the amount of money to be made, will be much more in the first couple months, and then lessened over time. Yes, I can see $25 per hour (in the first month or two) happening, but again the sooner you get in the game and figure things out the better.

    I am sure that just like professional gold farmers, there will be secret strategies that Markco will share right away and some he might wait a couple days... or being smart, gather some release them for all... and then use the mass knowledge to drive certain things down, and others up ;)

    So you aren't going to put up much advertising, does this mean that vendors won't be able to pay you directly for advertisements?

  12. Ubergold you are absolutely correct. Although I feel that there will be patches and influxes to take advantage of long after the initial gold surge.

    I am hoping to avoid all front page advertising.

  13. Pay real close attention to the credit card option for transfers. As "payments", there is quite possibly no individual cost per payment made. Maths are a funny thing. 10% of 10.00 is still going to add up to the same 1.00 even if you spend/purchased the same 10.00 at different locations. (with the exclusion of rounding up. $makers won't need to worry so much about penny-stock capitalization too much)

    Nothing is quite yet set in stone for how the payments can be made. Last public statement I read is that they are in process of hammering out possible contracts. Cycling credit card to paypal is currently the best idea so far for transferring actual money. With the 25$/hr you could theoretically request 300$ money from your card for 5$ if you are positive that you will make the money back inside of 2 and a half days. I believe with mine, I would only be dinged 5$ per transaction - which I don't think can be considered a business expense for tax purposes. (hint hint. Home business tax cuts if your landlord won't piss all over you for having a home run business.)

    Further questions we need to ask should be concerning stacked items.

    How will stackable items fare on pricing? Using potions for an example, will you have a reduced per item cost for the transactions if you sold 10 potions at once or as separate transactions?

    Can you sneak stacked items to be counted as a single 'free trade?' If potions were 0.05 per purchase; then a stack of 99 would cost approx 5.00. If the potions cost 0.01 per item to trade then you loose 1.00, or 20% profit for that transaction.

    Technical statements concerning free trade may allow you to increase earnings for stacked items if the free-trade cap system counts not items but actual trades.

    (or in other words, delay rmah for the first day of every cap-trade rotation; unless you already have your stacked items lined up.)

  14. It is a goal, I understand that, though I think that it's a little bit too forward thinking to place a sum as a goal.

    I mean, there is no real way to know how the economy will work in the game. You have no idea if the prices are (metaphorically) as high as normal videogames or as high as apps for mobile phones.

    Hell, the virtual industry is varied enough in prices to think about the economy of a game that has not even come out yet.

    I like to look at Entropia online as a good example of monetization. It takes a very long time to do anything there, but everything takes money in Entropia. Though the sums are generally very small.

    Entropia is not Diablo and never will be though.

    tl;dr - Too soon, Executus!

  15. I think what we're all forgetting here is that regardless of how much Markco makes playing D3, he's going to make thousands of dollars more from these guides. I think that like with most things that require trading, in order to turn a buck you're going to need to be glued to your computer (and I still doubt you'll make that much).

  16. In wow you are not required to be glued to your screen, and I think that Diablo's economy will eliminate a lot of the pains of wow's auction house. We hopefully won't miss the addons we've become so accustomed to using.

    I don't care how much I make, I know that will take care of itself if I focus on helping you make as much as possible.