Most Compelling Argument for Diablo 3 RMAH

I had the following conversation with myself:

Me: Self, what is the most compelling argument you can conjure up to support people like yourself who think that they can make money playing the Diablo 3 RMAH?

Myself: Well, great minds think alike because I was wondering the same thing!

Me: Self, you're stalling.

Myself: Yeah I know, but I actually do have a pretty decent argument as to why it should be possible to make money:

Only a small percentage of the playerbase actually goes online to get strategies, interact on forums, read blogs, etc.

Me: Um, Self, how does that even come close to building a case for why it will be possible to make lots of money with the RMAH?

Myself: Simple, these same players will treat the game, well, like a single player game. What I mean is, players who aren't active or only partially active in the online community will fall victim to ignorance. Let's face it, this game will be very hard to master without the help of a community. Whether the community used is within this gold guide or even just Blizzard's basic forum is up to the player. That being said, most players will only look at the Diablo 3 official site when servers are down, to use the auction house outside of the game, or to look up patch notes.

The "Herd Mind" will be very much alive in Diablo 3, just as it has been in every Blizzard Entertainment produced game. So my argument for supporting the idea that it will be possible to make money can be summed up by the following bullet list:

The Herd Mind will not keep a watchful eye on item prices over time, ie market cycles.
The Herd Mind will be unaware of the research available on blogs, forums, guides, etc.
The Herd Mind will be unaware of instincts that lead them astray on the auction house.
The Herd Mind will be ignorant of many item values and potential profits from manipulation of these items.
The Herd Mind will be exploitable.

Self: I still say your claims are all theory with very little evidence, but I can see where you're coming from. After all, we did do pretty well targeting the Herd Mind in World of Warcraft. Having so much experience creating strategies that focus on the psychology behind the playerbase will certainly give us an edge in Diablo 3.

Myself: Yes, yes we did and we will. But this time around we can create an even larger, more helpful community for players with the same goals as we have.

Remember, success is the goal. The gold and money do not matter. All that matters is that we strive to be better than the day before.

There's no greater critic than "our selves."

Self: I think we can agree on that! ;)

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  1. It'd be awesome if you could provide a mention for my blog
    I'm getting better at consistently updating it, but it's hard to be angry about something every day.
    Also, love the new site design :D

    As for the HerdMind. I have seen this so many times in games, particularly among Terran players in Starcraft 2. So... so... predictable.

  2. I agree that most players have no idea about all this theorycrafting and analysis. Goblins like us can take advantage of that.

    +1 for the site design.

  3. You're added Zamros, glad to see your blog ;)

    Thanks Darth!

  4. I just wonder if the HerdMind will dole out $2,500 for a legendary item, or item set. Maybe...