What's the RMAH? [OPINION]

The optimist says that the RMAH is for the benefit of all and will positively influence gaming as a whole.
The pessimist says that the RMAH is going to ruin Diablo 3 for those people who do not wish to take out their father's credit card more than once.
The project manager says that the RMAH is outside of its recommended scope.
The realist says that the RMAH will have both good and bad qualities, and that some will make money from it while others will lose money.
The cynic says that the RMAH is a waste of time because no one is ever going to pay for in game items with real money.
The school councelor says that he would rather you sold weapons to your friends in a game than on campus.
The mother says she wants to know why you're playing that game again instead of taking the dog for a walk.
The father says he wants to know when you're getting a real job.
The wishful thinker says the RMAH will allow him to quit his day job.
The obsessive compulsive says that an application for smart phones will be necessary for checking auction house statistics again, and again, and...
The psychiatrist says that your emotions regarding the RMAH are caused by deeper issues dating back to your childhood.
The dog says that if the RMAH sold dog food then he would care.
The cat says that she doesn't give a shit either way, and she'll still be chilling behind your computer and unplugging your powercord from time to time.
The angry pvp'er says that the RMAH had better not make the game's best items accessible to everyone or else pvp will be ruined.
The care-bear pve'er says that the RMAH is the best thing for casuals without time to play the game every night.
The shrewd auctioneer says that all these people are just members of the Herd and the Herd is a valuable source of income.
The engineer says that the RMAH is full of finely tuned, useful accessories and options which no one is ever going to use.
Gevlon says the RMAH is another opportunity for capitalists to manipulate morons and slackers.
Markco says the RMAH is his favorite new playground and wonders why WoW never had this.

What do you have to say about the RMAH?


  1. I think you meant shrewd auctioneer at the bottom.

    Anyways, I'm not expecting to make a ton of money but in my case I dont see replacing my day job as too wishful thinking as I only make $8.00 an hour. Though my 'day' job is a night auditor at a hotel so I have plenty of downtime while at work to play the AH too.

    In any case, I think the RMAH is the thing I'm most excited about this game for. The auction house was probably my favorite part of WoW.

  2. All I say is I hope future games (Blizzard or not) will have a similar feature.

  3. Ditto Darth! Also, anonymous, you are correct ;)

  4. what does RAMH mean

  5. Real Money Auction House

  6. RAMH means Real Auction Money House.