Beta Patch 10 System Changes

As of this writing there are almost 1300 responses to the Diablo 3 System Changes post written by Jay Wilson. With good reason, as the game has virtually been turned on its head by the sheer breadth of these changes.

Gone are the Mystic, Jordan, Nephalem Cube, Scroll of Identification.. all of them have been removed. Players were expecting to hear about runestones, not changes to stats, these major game components being removed, and other flip-flop style changes like the return of the town portal.

I don't really care why Blizzard chose to make these changes. In the end, I know I'm going to enjoy their game and play every class as far as I can take them. But Auctioneers, you have just been dealt a serious blow in terms of the shrinking of viable markets to participate in.

Beta Patch 10: Bad System Changes

Enchanting Scrolls - An entire legion of scrolls have been removed from the game, and all the gold you could have passively made from these beauties.

Scroll of Identification - Another market simply vanishes into the night. No more selling scrolls of Identification, which could have been easy money for those willing to camp the auction house during peak hours.

Item Diversity - A "long tail" of items were all equally viable for players to purchase across several classes each. That's gone with new stats that make it fairly obvious which items work for which classes, decreasing the overall demand of most items and making a few far more valuable. Market shrinkage, basically.

What's disturbing about the loss of these markets is the lack of replacements. Unless of course there are quite a few scrolls coming out that we just don't know about. Who knows what Blizzard has been working on that they simply won't reveal yet...

Beta Patch 10: Good System Changes

Fewer Crafting Materials - The blacksmith will be doing your salvaging now, and he doesn't care for any white or gray items. With white gear no longer being salvageable, the cost of crafting materials will increase. After all, there were far more white items dropping than purple or yellow in the beta that I saw anyway. The less people have, the more they will buy from the auction house!

Easier Gear Evaluation - It will be far easier to understand the value of items and which class will most likely want them. Although the new stats make character diversity harder to achieve (you have to seriously gimp characters to create hybrids), this means that you will be able to look at gear and more easily identify how much it actually is worth and to whom.

Less Loot While Farming - Players will be forced to stop farming and go back to town when their bags fill up. This will cause them to spend more time in town, leveling artisans, managing their stash and hopefully equate to them logging out to use the auction house once in a while. Less loot from farming coupled with more time on the auction house should be a good thing for us auctioneers.

I'm going to publish this right away not to take away from the posts I have ready for the next few days. If the Beta 10 actually patches tonight then I will get some more videos of it on youtube and this blog. I also won't be on the forums for a week because I made a joke which the admins didn't find too funny and they banned me for false information (I even wrote just kidding at the end, but still got the ban). I'll just have to stick to the facts next time I guess! In other news, I got two blue responses recently from Bashiok about Keeping Blizzard Honest on the Auction House.


  1. The "item diversity" is actually a plus and not a minus. Randomguy gets some really good item. He used to equip it and salvaged his old item to level blacksmith.

    Now he can get some really good item he can't use but too good to be salvaged. He goes to the RMAH. This feature will bring lot of people who would consider AHing "boring" to do it. More (unexperienced) AH-users: more profit for us.

  2. Very good point there Gevlon. I was thinking too black and white about the changds.

  3. The more I think about these changes, the more I like them!

    All of them will cause players to make more decisions, many of which lead back to the auction house.

    Players will value materials more, use crafters more, and play the ah more! All good things.

    Love it!