Guide to Farming Diablo 3 Multiplayer

Beta Patch 10 is live, but maintenance was extended well beyond when I was willing to play (1:00 AM my time) , so I do not have an update yet on my experience. I will have something for you tonight though!

In the beta for Diablo 3, I have noticed a lot of players who don't seem to understand how to get the most out of their multiplayer farming runs. Today I'd like to fill you in on some of the basic information you need to succeed at farming in Diablo 3 Multiplayer.

Farming Tips for Diablo 3 Multiplayer

1. Have a companion out 100% of the time.

The speed of multiplayer is too quick to allow for running around picking up gold. Especially on easier levels where players are simply speed running, you do not want to get stuck behind trying to run over gold just the right way to pick it up. Having a companion also removes the need for +yards to pickup gold (unless of course you want it for health orb pickup radius). I cannot underestimate the importance of having these companions, and luckily they drop like candy from bookshelves in dungeons.

2. Have abilities that move you distances.

There are several abilities in the game which can be used to quickly traverse areas, especially the barbarian's leap attack. You'll go flying over enemies, obstacles, etc and the cooldown is rather quick. When you try out multiplayer, especially on easier levels, you'll notice that most players just skip ahead to bosses and move on, ignoring a lot of the weaker enemies. Having an ability that enables you to quickly catch up to the main group is essential for keeping up with the action of multiplayer.

3. Use environment to move around faster (jumping up or down floors as barbarian).

Paying attention to the map and the environment will give you an edge with increasing the speed at which you move throughout the dungeons of Diablo 3. Destructible objects, walls that fall on enemies, and noticing shortcuts between areas will enable you to quickly move throughout each level. The Barbarian's leap attack can be used to jump up or down multiple floors as long as you can see where you want to jump to on the screen. This makes the Barbarian need to pay attention to the terrain more than any other character in Diablo 3.

4. Stay with the group.

There's a reason why I tell you to stay with the group and use terrain/abilities to do so. Because your survivability and loot will be greatly increased by staying together. If you are trying to catch up to your allies then you may miss out on gold, items, etc that were killed on the way to where they are now.

5. Destroy barrels and doodads for gold.

If your allies are not destroying barrels and doodads, make it a priority to be the player who does. There is quite a bit more gold hidden in barrels and things like sarcophagi. Far more than single player anyway. So don't let your group go by without destroying as many of these as you can!

6. Use abilities that help the group.

Barbarian shouts, Monk Auras, Wizard Frost Novas, etc. all help the group in certain situations. It's the old one great player alone is just great, but two great players together are worth more than two individually great players. That's called the sum of all parts are greater than the whole theory ;)


  1. The whole is greater than sum of all parts, idiot