Guide to Selling Gold on RMAH with Fees

The following guide to selling gold will assist you in beating the RMAH fees. Otherwise you'll end up making pennies when you should be getting back dollars. Or worse, actually losing money in the process of playing the RMAH due to these ridiculous fees!

Step 1: Search for 1x1000 Gold.
Diablo 3 Gold on RMAH
Step 2: Write down price.
Step 3: Search for 1+Nx1000 Gold until you see a difference in price.
Searching for Diablo 3 Gold

Step 4: Write down price at 1+Nx1000 Gold as well as the value for N.
Step 5: N Price - Original Price = Difference.
Step 6: Use this information to determine a price for your gold.

Using the values N and Difference in price, you can better decide what to price your gold for on the Real Money Auction House. The lower N is, the more worthwhile it would be to increase the price of your gold. If N is really high, then you are better off undercutting the current price of gold. What's high? What's low? I still don't trully have answers to these questions, and I have a feeling that their definitions will change over time. Not just over long periods of time, but also in cycles from week to week.

Another important aspect of selling gold on the RMAH is the fact that you have a 65 cent fee cutting into your sales. While it is far easier to sell 1000 gold with Blizzard's new search system, it is far more profitable to sell in bulk. But what's a good price point for selling in bulk? You have to know your audience and what they need! Do players buy 1000 gold at a time or 10,000? in the Beta, players are buying gold to level artisans, craft materials, and upgrade their shared stash item capacity. A shared stash upgrade goes for $2500 gold, and upgrading the blacksmith costs around the same. Knowing this, most players are not buying more than 2,000 to 3,000 gold at a time. Sell for those amounts and you'll at least reduce the amount that Blizzard fees take from your auction house earnings.

I will work on excel formulas to determine the best price for gold that take into account the day of the week, the Difference in price and the N value. No formula will ever be able to beat your brain however, so make sure to get as much experience as possible with this system if you're serious about being an auctioneer in Diablo 3.


  1. Argh, comments ending up on the wrong post. It would better to have the comments link listed at the bottom of the post, which is where I am looking once I have read the post.

    How do the transaction fees work with stackable object sales?

    If you put up 50k gold, and 5 people buy 10k gold from your stack, is that 5 transaction fees, or just one?
    Similarly, if 5 people put up 10k each, and you buy 50k at once, is that one or five fees?

    1. From what I saw in the beta, it looked like all of your auction had to sell, at once, to complete your auction. It didn't look like you could have more than one buyer per your auction.

      But honestly, this is super hard to test.

      For all it's worth, the buyer should only pay one fee per auction, but you have to sell all of your auction at once.

      You can get more than one auction when you buy, but you must sell all of your auction when you sell.

  2. Last time I played the beta gold had no listing fee but a 15% sellers fee. Items that had a $0.15 listing fee and a $0.65 sellers fee. And by $ I mean beta bucks.

    1. Crap I think you're right. DAMN this ban!!! Sorry, I think I remember now that it IS 15% sellers fee for gold.

      Were materials like this as well?