I Can't Make Gold Because...

Diablo 3 Player

Most every player in Diablo 3 wants to make as much gold as possible, but find themselves saying things like "I Can't Make Gold Because...". Blizzard has done a rather good job of finding ways to take that gold out of players' pockets and back into the system. Blacksmith repairs, Jeweler unsocketing, vendor materials, auction house fees... etc. These all get the job done as far as Blizzard is concerned.

If Blizzard's gold sinks don't get you, your own greed will. Players have a tendency to just buy buy buy whenever they have "enough" to do so. There's a reason for this, and it has been called many different things. Some call it "numbers addiction" and I'm sure psychologists have far more interesting and difficult words to describe it. Here's an example to better explain it:

Phelia the Demon Hunter was a happy, go-lucky killer, who enjoyed severing zombie heads from their bodies and gathering gore covered gold while doing it. After just finished up a farming route around New Tristan, Phelia discovered a rare bow from the innards of a recently fallen zombie. Her brain released a small dose of endorphins as she clapped excitedly at the new find. She enjoyed using the bow quite a bit and liked how easily it chopped up her zombie opponents. But as she moved on past the Skeleton King that same day, Phelia decided that she wanted a new, better bow. Sure, she could continue killing the way she was, but her endorphins had already subsided and she was missing that feeling of bigger, newer, shinier numbers. She searched high and low on the auction house until she found a marginally better bow. With nothing else she could afford in sight, she sold her gore covered one in exchange for the new purchase. By the time all was said and done, Phelia had but a few coins in her pocket. Excited and overwhelmed by endorphins, even over a marginally better weapon, she went back to killing without another thought.

Players like Phelia are more common than you think. To them, the purpose of a game is to grind, grind, grind and then spend, spend, spend. Spending is the reward for grinding. It's a vicious cycle, and probably the number one reason why players will end up buying Diablo 3 Gold Secrets. However, I would like to try my best to help players overcome this gold making hurdle and enter into far more entertaining and rewarding arenas of play. Like manipulating market cycles and making gold without having to farm. Muhuhuhahahahaha. Sorry, I struggle to keep in my excitement at times.

A player's progression on the auction house begins as a novice who does nothing other than grind and sell items. To a player like Phelia, the auction house is a vendor who pays better than other vendors. She looks for the lowest value she can sell an item for right away and posts at that amount. There is no thought for what an item is worth, only that the auction house price is more than the vendor. For some, they don't even think that far into it.

If players spend but a few minutes educating themselves, they can get past this first hump of gold making. If they put as much effort into saving gold as they do grinding it, they'll find that they have more than enough to buy the gear they truly need and still have some left over for playing the auction house. That's the key aspect of all this, making sure that they have enough gold to "play." What I really mean by that is having enough gold to take risks and build up experience on the auction house. If every gold is crucial to your success, you will be less willing to take risks and try new things. When it's surplus you will still care, but you'll be able to accept losses as learning experiences.

This is the beginning of a long and beautiful journey. Please subscribe to the blog, as my goal is to get the feed count up to 1000 before Diablo 3 even launches. See, there I go chasing bigger numbers!

Oh, one more thing. If you find that you are absolutely addicted to endorphin causing upgrades, try your best to get into physical activity. I really didn't care about upgrades once I started exercising regularly (due to endorphins released while running).


  1. The more I read about Phelia, the more parallels I see between her behavior and our behavior in RL.

  2. It's so true! People play video games often the same way that they manage money in real life. You would think that perhaps they would do a role reversal or something, but usually they remain the same.