Proof: Banned for Exploiting Economy

I wrote earlier today about how I was recently banned from the Diablo 3 Beta for making literally 11,000 gold per hour, as well as taking advantage of a secret strategy for obtaining materials. I assumed that this was the reason for the automatic ban, because there was no possible way for Blizzard to have conducted a "thorough investigation" since I had only played the beta for a few days.

Today I received confirmation that my use of the tools Blizzard provides every player were considered exploitative of the Diablo 3 Beta economy. I have been asked to tell customer support about my ideas for making gold or real money BEFORE trying them in the retail version of the game.

Blizzard, and this goes for whoever makes the policy over there for banning accounts, are you kidding me? Because I used my brain and got materials from salvaging vendor items and gimped my character's survivability with 145% gold find gear I should be banned?

This is distressing stuff, because it could potentially lead to accounts being banned in retail simply because they are better at the economic game than 99% of the player-base. Now I will have to be careful not to make "too much" gold while playing.

We're not even playing retail right now and they are banning people for TESTING in the Beta. Isn't that the whole point of the Beta? Testing that is? If I found a great way to make gold then you nerf it, you don't ban the person who is just playing the game with the tools they were given! It's insane and asinine to think that this kind of mindset is going to carry over into retail.

Here's proof of my claims from my account:

If you have trouble reading the text, it says:

"This is the latest response from Customer Support:
       Hi there Christopher,

       I'd like to thank you for contacting us about your D3 beta account.

       I'm sorry that you feel you were wronged, however, I can assure you that the case has been thoroughly investigated, and it has been decided that access to the beta will not, under any circumstances, be restored.

       That being said, this doesn't mean that you won't be allowed to play Diablo III when it is released. I would definitely recommend staying away from anything that might be construed as exploitive, and make sure to give us a call or put in a ticket BEFORE you do anything that might cause us to focus on your D3 account."

I know this wasn't an automated email because of the spelling errors, like "exploitive" which should be "exploitative." When Diablo 3 goes live, I will be emailing support probably every day with ideas to avoid this happening again!

I was almost up to 100 Beta Bucks and was probably going to break 1,000 within a week from the strategies I was trying out. So I guess when the game goes live I will have to avoid making so much so quickly? Am I going to be banned for having more than a few dozen auctions going at once? This is crazy and ridiculous! Don't punish players for being successful Blizzard! I could understand if what I was doing wasn't available to everyone and if I was somehow affecting other players' games, but I'm not.

Please spread the word on this post, the future of the auction houses in Diablo 3 depends upon it!


  1. Exploitive and Exploitative are both valid spellings...

  2. This is of great concern, of main reasons for playing D3 will be farming gold and items, post on the rmah and make some cash, I was going to have a gold and magic find character, but blizz will punish people for farming and selling it seems from this, then why have an AH blizz !!!!

    This is a joke, D3 is a farming game !

  3. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Even if you were duping items Blizzard should have thanked you for finding such big bug/exploit before the game's release... not ban you. What a joke. If they try to pull that in retail I wouldn't be surprised if some disgruntled player went postal on them.

  4. you got banned because you were trying to profit from your "gold secrets". Plus you only had 100 Beta bucks? LOL i hit the 500$ cap already spent like 300 on gear because i was bored then hit it again before heading to work. Ive already Farmed over 100k gold on career stats, my monk has 182% gold find and my barb has 80% magic find and i test relentlessly for a multiple of factors. after watching your vids i see nothing important that i haven't already learned.

    1. Congrats. I really wasnt in the beta long enough to get to try selling / buying more on the rmah. I was just selling gold and after a few hours had around 100 beta bucks.

  5. My best bet is you got banned because you used the thing you call 'secret strategy' and Blizzard considers it an exploit.

    Still, I think Blizzard should be thankful for you for finding the cleary unintentional way of making gold by selling flipped vendor bought mats en masse.

    Strange how Blizzard's policies are sometimes.

  6. Banned for the exploit, not for x gold/hour. Well done Blizzard, punish the cheaters.

    1. So You consider buying materials from vendors and salvaging them an exploit?

      I think that maybe blizzard should fix the game instead of banning those of us trying to test the beta.

      I really don't care, but I am worried about this happening in release. Read the strategy and rethink your reply.

    2. they did fix it, by taking out common scraps.

      you got banned for trying to profit thru third party "gold secrets" site.

  7. Seems like there is something missing from your story here. Sorry but that's my input. You can't understand why you would be on their "hitlist?"

    I'm sure they know exactly who you are from World Of Warcraft and if I personally were Blizzard I would be pretty miffed that you made tens of thousands of dollars off of them for jmtc.

    I wouldn't act so suprised if they are keeping an eye on you regardless of whether what you are doing breaks their rules--they can ban you for any reason under the sun.

    1. Adam, you are a first rate, class A moron. Blizzard makes tens of millions every month, so I do not think they are "miffed" because someone made some thousands of dollars.

  8. It would be helpful if they clarified a) exactly what thing (or things) that you were doing which they considered exploitative and b) what is exploitative.

    None of the things you've been doing me strike me as obviously exploiting a bug or something unintended in the game. Farming gold with +gf gear seems pretty obvious. Buying stuff off vendors to DE or resell is also pretty obvious, and happens in wow.

    I can actually see Blizzard deciding to ban you for using beta access (which is a gift/priviledge) for personal profit outside of the game - but they email they send suggests it's more that they considered something you were doing in-game exploitation. As to how you're supposed to know exactly what is exploitative - I'm not sure. I suppose you should be suspicious of anything that makes masses of gold for little effort.

  9. Bilizzard probably does know about this blog and is probably justified in tracking it, because the economic potential to influence Diablo 3 is tremendous. Personally, I don't think that the ban was justified, because gold is now around 5 beta bucks per 1000, but you may have been buying during peak selling and buying times as well.

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    And the reddit link to the video:

  11. Yes this is beta and yes we're supposed to test stuff, but since you weren't sharing what you had tested and you knew you found a way to make more gold then what meant to be possible, maybe that's the reason why they removed your account? =)

  12. First off you draw attention to yourself by this webpage. Next, you jump into beta and within a day or so you announce some "Super Secret" ways to obtain Diablo gold. And you don't think that won't draw any attention to your account even if it is only beta?
    Bottom line, these sites only benefit the person selling the e-manuals. The info you have is available and/or common sense, unless you have bot/dupe strats which violate the EULA. I legally bought/sold on Sony's RMAH for close to 7 years and was very successful. I could not add anything to a manual that someone didn't already know.
    I applaud Blizzard for keeping an eye on "questionable" activity, in the end it will benefit the game as well as the players involved.

  13. Hi Markco, would you mind posting the entire customer support conversation for us? There's a lot going on here that doesn't make sense.

  14. That's totally stupid. But lets not forget a lot of Blizzard support staff are stupid kids with low IQ's

  15. It's really stupid they banned you, this is the sort of thing you want to come to light in beta, they should be thanking you. The whole point of beta is to find issues, and exploits are issues that need to found and fixed before retail.

    Poor form, Blizzard.

  16. Next thing they'll ban magic find stacking. I suspect it might have something to do with who you are but even then, it's crazy. Once the game is released, all these gold-making methods will come out into the open. So they're just delaying the inevitable. Unless they plan to ban people who are better at farming than others. That would suck.

  17. This is not only an issue with D3. I was banned 2 times last week from WOW for selling to many high value items in the Auction House.

    I think it has to do with the Mobile Auction House but I am not sure and for the $2.99 per month I pay for a service I don't enjoy being banned. They already limit you to 200 transactions but they have many other hidden limits that can auto flag you as exploiting.

    Asked a GM: What did I do to get banned?

    Answer: "The best advice I can give you on this would be to limit the number of transactions as well as the size of the transactions themselves."

    So yeah if D3 has the same auto-ban it should be changed ASAP.