Diablo 3 RMAH Price Thresholds

On the Diablo 3 RMAH, you will be able to sell gold and other stackable items in varying quantities. However, there are thresholds which you must meet in order to post an auction. These restrictions are based on the fact that Blizzard wants 15% from you per successful auction (stackable items only). You also must post beyond a certain threshold in order to have an auction. On Beta, you have to go above 1 Beta Buck, but no one knows how much that Beta Buck will be worth when Diablo 3 is released. For now, let's assume that 66 cents is the minimum per auction.

If gold goes for $1 per thousand (you must sell gold in thousand increments, all other stackable items can be sold in any amount), according to Blizzard's minimum threshold of 66 cents, you can post this auction. But what happens if gold falls to $0.50 per thousand? What to do now? Well, you'll have to sell gold in stacks of two thousand so that the total auction buyout is greater than 66 cents.

Players who go to buy and sell Diablo 3 gold on the RMAH will not notice an issue. When someone requests to buy 8,000 gold from the RMAH, they will just see an average price of $0.50 per thousand and four auctions of 2,000 gold selling for $0.50 each will be bought out.
For buyers, nothing changes, but for sellers there are serious consequences for this threshold. No one knows how low or high gold's value will go, but there will be boundaries for poorer players depending on how cheap gold actually gets. Let's say gold ends up costing 10 cents per thousand, then players will have to put up gold in 7,000 increments at the very least!

Is this a huge deal? No, probably not for the majority of players, but it is something to think about if you are considering ways to exploit the economy with "shuffles" (think my infinite gold strategy).


  1. Except that the minimum price is per 1,000 gold. There's currently no way to sell gold for less than $1.00 per thousand in the Beta (which means if the system goes live as-is gold just won't be traded on the RMAH).

    My guess is that gold will sell in lots of something like 1 million instead of 1 thousand in the actual game, but that just wasn't reasonable for testing purposes in the beta.

    You can see more about this issue and how they might fix it (as well as some additional suggestions for the RMAH) here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4015344142

    1. Yeah I saw your thread and figured it was a response to this post. Ive been thinking/writing very similar ideas here and completely agree with your analysis.

      What they really need to do is make the minimum threshold much much lower. The point is to discourage crap postings, but the 15 cent deposit fee takes care of that. If people sell ther gold for 1 cent, blizzard should let them. Otherwise it's just not a free market.

    2. Also, I mentioned in this post that it's one beta buck minimum. What I'm suggesting is the possibility of posting a larger stack size to get beyong the minimum threshold.

    3. Not a response. I just happened to see this post after I started that thread on the official forums and figured I'd correct your misconception about how minimum bids are currently working in the beta.

      When you post any commodity you specify a per-unit price, not an overall price. If you want to post 10,000 gold you still enter the price per 1,000 gold and I'm pretty sure you can't go below $1.00 per "unit" no matter what. (Its hard to be 100% certain since when things don't work on the AH right now all you get is cryptic error number without a description of what actually went wrong).

      As I think about it more, I don't think reducing the minimum price is going to work. I'm sure they chose the $1 minimum so that they can be sure to at least cover their transaction costs if people decide to cash out a $1 auction. With a 15% fee that's only 15 cents for them to cover fees (assuming the auction was one of the "free" listings per week).

      Really they just need to increase the "unit" size of gold auctions. Its an easy knob to turn and it solves the problem.

    4. Chip, I know how minimum bids are working... What I'm saying is a suggestion to fix the issue at hand. I was in the beta for a bit and saw this first hand as well.

      If they can't reduce the cost of the auction, then they need to increase the total gold per auction... Which is what I'm trying to suggest here.

      6 to 1, half a dozen

  2. Also, one more thing, let me know next time you want to write something like this and I'll publish it on the front page of this blog. You do an awesome job on the forum!