RMAH Guide: Beating Fees When Crafting

The Real Money Auction House has seen quite a few changes from its conception to the present beta patch 13. As of right now, there are definitely advantages to analyzing how the fees of using the RMAH work. Let me show you an example of how understanding the fees enables you to save money.

Buy Essences
  • -buy gear from ah for salvaging
  • -buy essences from gold ah in cycles
  • -buy crafted gear from vendors for salvaging

  • -craft gear that players need, want, and desire. But mostly desire.
  • -craft gear that will show up first with the auction house search features.
  • -craft gear that farms will want (magic find + gold find together).
  • -craft gear for players entering choke points

Two Options for Selling
  • -Sell on Gold AH (15% fee) then RMAH (15% fee)
  • -Sell on RMAH ($1.25 fee)

If you go the gold before RMAH route, then you have to eat a 15% fee + a later 15% fee on gold sales. By selling armor straight up, you only pay a $1.25 fee instead. Here's some example math to better explain my point.

Let's say you craft an awesome chest piece and sell it for 5,000 gold. (assume gold = $1 on RMAH). You get back 4,250 gold after the sale. You then sell the gold on the RMAH for $4.25 total. Your end result is $3.61. Also of note, is the fact that this process could take two whole auction house cycles (96 hours!) at worst.

If you cut out the middle step and just sell the gear for $5, you end up making $3.75. That may not seem like a big difference, but in terms of money and time it really adds up! You potentially cut your time waiting for that $3.75 in HALF as well as making slightly more than the gear -> gold -> dollars route.

This is certainly something to consider when deciding how to go about selling your crafted gear (and other items too!).

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  1. Is there anyone in the Beta who can confirm what the minimum GOLD transaction fee is for non-commodity items (like crafted gear)?

    The impact on crafting gear, selling it and then selling the gold on the RMAH might not be as bad, depending on what the fixed transaction fee is for non-commodity items sold on the Gold AH. It might be worse, it might be better... but we can't calculate that without knowing what the amount is as of today in the beta.

    Or have they changed that as well, and there are no longer any fixed fees (like the $1.25 fixed fee in RMAH for non-commodities that had been talked about) at all in the Gold AH?