Diablo 3 Release Date Gold Rush

Diablo 3 Release on May 15th
Challenge Accepted

When I saw that Diablo 3 was scheduled for release, I initially didn't feel joy or anticipation or anything in between. Instead, I felt a growing sense of determination and urgency. Everything I've worked so hard for up until this point has been just the beginning. I feel the pressure to produce awesome content now, and I love it. This is what I thrive on, and I promise not to let you down!

Speaking of not letting you down, Bashiok wasn't kidding when he said that Diablo 3 would come out two months after its release date announcement. In exactly two months, on May 15th, players will once again journey into the world of Sanctuary. Armed with sword, shield, magic, and their father's mastercard. Good thing too, because we're going to be ready for them.

The past few weeks you've seen this blog slowly but surely transform from discussing theoretical concepts to rock solid strategies for making money on the RMAH. We've also discussed player misconceptions such as the simple economic concept of buying low and selling high, as well as how you can take advantage of the resulting situation. I consider these posts a warm up for what's coming next: the release of Diablo 3 on May 15th!

May 15th Release Date Gold Rush

Diablo 3 RMAH

The economy in Diablo 3 is going to be its most profitable in the first month. As players join and find a plethora of gold sinks, their interest in buying gold will be stronger than ever. I'm not saying that you won't be able to make money playing Diablo 3 after the first month, far from it, but you will have one hell of an opportunity during this time period. The trick is figuring out whether to farm, sell off gold, invest in crafting, or any other number of seemingly viable strategies. It's something we are debating daily on the forums here. Expect a lot of posts between now and May 15th to focus on how to capitalize on the looming gold rush.

I've seen comments on this blog and elsewhere stating that due to Blizzard's fees and limit of 10 auctions per auction house, people like us are dreaming with no real hope for making money in Diablo 3. Oh, this could not be further from the truth! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a most interesting post that will hopefully persuade you to the dark side of the auction house: Why a limit of 10 auctions per auction house is a good thing! Now, back to the gold rush discussion...

As a blog, this site is growing daily, with more and more people subscribing to get free strategies and daily updates. A while back I stated that I was hoping to break 1,000 readers before the game was released, and part of the fun leading up to the May 15th release date will be attempting to surpass that goal. Not only is the blog growing, but the community surrounding it is as well. I seem to find a new website asking to join the blog roll almost every single day, and even more people ask for advice on how to start their own sites. It's as if the whole blogosphere was in hibernation mode until the exciting news that eventually led to a Diablo 3 release date announcement. I am very proud of everyone involved in this site, from blog readers to forum participants. Speaking of the forum, we've had several new admins join us, including Stabs from D3 Analyst. He had this to say about the Private Gold Forum:

This Barbarian Thinks he can Make Money in Diablo 3
 "My mother is a retired teacher. She once told me that one of the most difficult things to get your head around is that some people simply aren't as able as you. It's a cognitive dissonance - if something is plain to you it's difficult to see how anyone could fail to see it.

I think of myself as pretty bright. My IQ last time it was tested was enough to qualify for Mensa and then some. I also have a lot of experience playing video games and strategising. I'm rich enough in Eve Online that I can maintain several accounts without hardly doing anything.

But I've also picked up a lot from Markco. Ever since I started reading Just My Two Copper about 2 years ago.

What's unusual about him is that he's very good at getting other people to share their insights, then packaging it all together. There's lots of smart people who can come up with good ideas. What's distinctive about Marcko is that he's very good at getting a community of smart people to come up with good ideas.

I'm a mod on his private forum and I've been impressed and I've learnt stuff already. Perhaps more, it gets my brain thinking. I read a thread, thought about things, posted an idea I had and Marcko said Good idea.

Is that worth paying for? Possibly, very possibly. At the least it's not a scam or a con. It's pretty open - you pay some money and you get exposure to a community of people thinking about making gold.

For anyone who is interested in the financial side of the game but who isn't very confident it's well worth considering. I think it's especially valuable for people who aren't very sure of how to play this aspect of the game.

(Now I should declare an interest. I'm a moderator on Markco's private forum and will shortly have an affiliate link up at my site which will pay me when someone uses it to join).

That said, I didn't post this because I want to make money out of anyone here. I posted because I think it's a worthwhile and useful service and it's a forum I'm enjoying participating in. I paid $10 for 'Something Awful' and enjoyed participating over there too. Sometimes it's worth paying."

Join our Private Gold Forum to discuss making gold and real money, as well as all other aspects of playing Diablo 3. Let's prepare for May 15th together! I will stay true to my word and slowly raise the price of the guide until Diablo 3 is released. Please keep this in mind as you decide whether or not to join our community.


  1. It's going to be nice to hit the ground running on May 15th.

    1. You got it bud. I am especially excited by the forum and how many great ideas are already popping up. When the game does launch, that site is going to explode with useful information, even more than it does now.

  2. Oh and if you do join the forum for Heaven's sake post! People learn by interacting not just by soaking up text.

    We even have a sub-forum for people who are stuck and don't know where to start as well as plenty of food for thought for the high fliers.