Make Money Right After Diablo 3's Release Date

Not Bad for Making Money Last Night While I was Sleeping
Today I'm releasing one of my private podcasts to the public. This 6:53 minute mp3 is entitled Episode 9: "First Month". It goes into detail as to how players will approach the auction house during that crucial first month, and also how we as auctioneers can take advantage of several key opportunities. I tend to create these podcasts every 2-3 days for guide/forum members only, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek... er, um, sneak listen.

Listen to the Podcast, First Month

*PS: At one point I said... let's say gold is $5 and you sell 10k, there's $40 right there... LOL. Sorry for my mathematical blunder there. The point is that there's money to be made playing Diablo 3!*

This is the kind of content I'm creating to prepare you for that first crucial month of making money in Diablo 3, but I'm not the only one brain storming and getting ready. Our entire forum is working hard to create strategies, analyze affixes, data-mine, develop class builds, discuss leveling stats, determine market values, research player psychology, etc. In other words, we are absolutely the best think tank on the internet for making money in Diablo 3. Nobody else comes close, especially since every major blogger and website owner related to the auction house is already a member (most are admins). With 137 members and 2626 posts as of writing this article, I would say that we are a pretty talkative community (average of 19 posts per user).

I'm currently talking to one of the longest playing and best known Diablo 3 players to get involved in the forum, and most likely in mid-April will be doing a podcast with this person about the auction house. These are exciting times and I'm super stoked about how quickly this site and its forum community is going to grow.

Why am I talking so much about the forum today? Well, you are less than 24 hours away from the guide's special offer being cut in half. If you didn't know already, buying access to the guide/forum right now for $17 also awards you with 6 months of free forum time. Tonight, whenever I have a free 30 minutes to spare, I will be reducing the deal to 3 months of bonus forum time. In a few weeks, as I start updating the guide with fully explained strategies and guides, I will increase the price to as high as $47 and reduce the free forum time down to 24 hours.

I am offering this deal for you to say thanks for being a part of this community before it's really popular to be a member. You deserve a big thank you for coming here every day and putting your trust in this site. Thank you, and I look forward to helping grow this community and also you as an individual auctioneer. To the admins, bloggers, forum members, and you, thanks for making this site a fun place to be.

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Making Money in Diablo 3 with Gold Secrets

If you have any questions, email me: Markco AT Diablo3GoldGuide DOT Net.


  1. The current beta economy is totally screwed/fake anyway.

    I am stacking Beta Bucks at a really insane speed, every single day, without any specific "trick", just playing smart. People are happy to spend BB because they know it's fake money.

    My last (sold) item: 90,00BB. For a level 8 item? Yes, in the beta world.

    7,00 BB for 1000G? Yes, in the beta world.

    Come on, we would be ***rich*** in 24 hours. The "real" game will be much, much different.

  2. Despite being "fake" as you say, the economy in Beta is behaving much like it will once it goes live (minus the meaningless Beta Bucks of course). Players want certain items and are willing to spend their gold on them, but since gold does take some time to collect, players are only buying what they really want. We can already see patterns in how the value of gold changes throughout the week and what kinds of items sell better than others.

    There is much to learn from this "fake" economy!

    Also, it's good practice for the real thing. Your 90 BB sale is pretty good, but is really only 12,000 gold. That much gold is about 1/30th the cost of a ring in the Beta (very rare and valuable). 90 BB does not make you rich in the Beta, as you pointed out, because gold has real value for the players.

    These are good things, and I am happy to say that the forum community here is doing an awesome job of picking part the Beta for weaknesses and preparing for the real deal post launch. I hope to see you there Tobur in our members area as well as here on the blog.

  3. > players are only buying what they really want

    In theory yes, but I don't see it working in the retail version. As stated above, 7 BB for 1000 gold is just insane. You can farm 1000G in 10 minutes or less with a level 12-13 character. That would mean 70$/hour, if we convert 1BB=1$.

    It's just impossible, maybe the very first crazy days and only with few selected "rich" players willing to spend anything for this game.

    1. Maybe the very first HOURS. In few days we'll see lots of "level 60" characters ready to flood the market with gold. And the price will drop to the ground (see EvE online for reference).

    2. Quite a hyperbole you got there!

    3. Apples and oranges. Eve online has how many servers? D3 has only a few regional servers. So, if gold value drops, then items go up in value. We compensate by selling more/better items. It's about setting your goals higher than everyone else. Even if gold was $2/10000- we can still find a way to make a few bucks.

  4. EvE has no server. It's a worldwide universe on a single server. $2/10000? I wouldn't be surprised to see something like 1$ = 1.000.000G after few days.