Patience Real Money Auction House Buyers

Today's post is the most practical advice I can give you if you want to make real money playing Diablo 3. This strategy will work for everyone because of the sheer number of Diablo 3 markets. Even if 10,000 people use this strategy in the US, it will still be profitable. How profitable is yet to be determined, and honestly, will vary greatly from day to day.

To me, bidding on items is like fishing. You never know if you're going to catch anything, but you cast your net and hope that at least something bigger than a guppy ends up on your boat. The key to bidding is variety. Don't just cast your net of bids in the same water over and over again. Instead, work as many different markets as possible to diversify your bidding. The wider the net, the better the odds you have of catching a variety of good deals. Just like fishermen have times that they like to fish (depending on the tides and sunlight), you'll too have to time your bids for the best results.

Unlike selling in Diablo 3 where you are limited to 10 auctions per auction house, you can bid on as many auctions as you want. If you have the time to search, then you can place bids.

Long term, bidding should not be your only strategy. I consider it the very best way to get starter income, but not a good way to make consistent profits. Crafting, focused farming, etc will do far better than bidding. After all, there's a lot of time involved in searching for the right items and figuring out the right times to leave your bids.

Bidding serves another purpose besides earning you a nice starter income. It also acts as a lesson in economics. You'll see quite early on in your bidding career that there are markets and times that greatly effect the success rate of your bids. If you can graduate from bidding school and move on to other aspects of playing Diablo 3's auction houses,  you'll be a much better auctioneer for it.

The art of bidding is what got me started in playing the auction house in world of warcraft. It taught me so many great lessons that have stuck with me over the years and influenced my playstyle. Just like in fishing, I learned that patience is the key to success. Patience coupled with careful planning.


  1. I can see a danger though - you may get lots of great bargains but you lack the sell slots to sell them.

    One way of condensing would be Salvaging some of the bargains to mats and selling crafted gear. Any other advice on how to turn 100 won auctions into gold using 10 auction sell slots?

    1. As long as the items can be eventually sold, what is wrong with a small backlog of profitable items? You can speed up sales by trading in forums and using the game's trade feature. (gold trades not money).

  2. And a back log of items also fills your limited stash very quickly, severely cramping your ability to play the game.