April 1st Carnival

If you are new to this site and its carnivals, take a look at the rules for the Diablo 3 Blogging Carnival.

I asked the community here and bloggers in general to provide links to posts which gave clear, informative answers about Diablo 3 mechanics. Here are the submitted links.

Overview of controls in Diablo 3 and how skill slots are used.

A common FAQ to Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 is a social game, so here's your recap on how to be social!

When real money is on the line, account security should be your primary concern.

This site only has a few builds at the moment, but it is updated frequently and should prove useful when Diablo 3 is in full swing.

If you're looking for the best guide to making money in Diablo 3, you've come to the right place. Videos, podcasts, forums, walk-throughs... basically everything you need and the content is constantly updated to boot! Lots of guides to paypal setup, making money on the RMAH, and dominating the gold auction house are already implemented and waiting for you to try them out.

Creating a Character

You got to start somewhere!

DPS Explained

How can you figure out DPS in Diablo 3? Here's how!


  1. Woot! lots of stuff to read. Good job everyone.

    Btw Marcko, could you take my blog Stabbed Up off your blogroll please. All my Diablo writing is on my other blog at D3 Analyst. Looks a bit weird to see an Eve story in the middle of all the Diablo ones.

    1. But I like and read all of your blogs :*(

      OK fine I'll take it down... never had someone request that before haha.

    2. Well I don't mind, it just looks a bit odd. You can leave it if you like it there but I don't think most readers will find it too relevant.

    3. I would also suggest to remove other non-Diablo related blogs.

      It's very annoying to have a huge list with mixed stuff. Example: I am here for DIABLO news, I don't really care about WOW or EVE insights. I would go to other blogs for them.

  2. From the account security link:
    "The gold farming industry since professor Heeks wrote his report has continued to grow. The World Bank reported it at $3 billion in 2009. As it has been pretty much doubling every year for which we have figures it may be over $10 billion now"


  3. Good job guys, keep it up!