Big Mistake Not to Make

Sell Value for Magic Belt
I know it's tempting, but do not sell your magic items for gold. For example, the magic belt in the picture above sells for 37 gold to the nearest vendor. Here are four other ways you could use that magic belt to make far more gold. I've included an estimated profit margin as well. It's a really rough estimate, but the main point is that you'll make a lot more than what the vendor is willing to pay you.

  1. Salvage and sell the Subtle Essence you get from it. (~100-150 gold)
  2. Salvage and sell the Fallen Tooth you get from it (rare chance but still possible). (~500 gold)
  3. Salvage multiple magic items and use the materials to craft better gear to then sell. (~250 gold)
  4. Sell the belt on the auction house for just a little more than a Subtle Essence. (~300 gold)

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  1. Oh definitely. I would just salvage it and sell the Essence.