Crafting Hide Breeches for Big Profits

Recently on the blog, I wrote a RMAH Guide to making as much as $1,000 in the first month of play. Today I'd like to talk about the third portion of that guide, namely the crafting section.

Crafting Pants and Selling Them

Crafting is by far the most ridiculous way to make gold in the Diablo 3 Beta. I'm sure that it will remain the same after release. It takes a decent investment, but once you craft enough times you will eventually create more than a few valuable items.

The thing about crafting for a profit is that any good item is going to make you some money. For most players, they will be crafting just for themselves, so the chances of getting exactly what they want is slim to none. The chance of getting something at least one other player wants is much greater. That's the advantage you have in attempting to craft to make money over the average player.

Another advantage you have is your willingness to invest lots of gold to get better stat rolls. Most players are going to try a few times and then settle for whatever they got. You on the other hand, you know the value of being patient and investing enough gold to get something worth selling.

Here's an example of myself crafting Hide Breeches. The crafting cost is well over 1,000 gold (including subtle essences), but the results were pretty amazing. In crafting 20 Hide Breeches, I came up with the screenshot above. Namely, 5 valuable Hide Breeches worth anywhere from 15,000 to 35,000 gold and I was undercutting pretty heavily to increase selling speed.

If everything sells then I will earn 106,250 gold after fees and approximately 86,250 gold after investment costs are subtracted. That took me, what, less than 5 minutes?

I don't care so much about the flat number of 86,250 gold but rather the fact that I made four times my initial investment. In later difficulties, it will be harder to get the exact affixes you want, but there should also be more affixes that players want on their gear. It's going to be hard to say whether this ratio will go up or down for the more expensive recipes.

I'm starting to realize that whenever I make a strategy public it can have a serious effect on the marketplace. After publicizing the Apprentice Flamberge market on multiple websites, I have seen a huge surge in the number of auctions being posts (and a decrease in price). It's still profitable, but not quite as absurd as it used to be. Have I doomed Hide Breeches as well?


  1. > I'm starting to realize that whenever I make a strategy public
    > it can have a serious effect on the marketplace.

    Wait for the game release. "BECOME RICH WITH DIABLO!!!!" guides will plague the web, count on it. And of course the game economy will suffer from that. Shared "tips" are useful if you share them among friends, not online.

    Just remember how MMO-Champion influenced the marked when it published few AH-related articles. It was devastating (and they stopped doing that). Of course they're quite famous.

    Another big big problem: Diablo III market is worldwide and not realm-based. Monopoly and "marketing maneuvers" by few players can affect everyone in the game.

    It wont be that easy as you think.

    1. That's kind of the reasoning behind making the forum private. But with regards to mmo-champion, I showed people how to take advantage of anyone trying out strategies mmo was advertising. There's always a method that will work, even when someone reveals your golden goose.

  2. I agree that there's potential in the crafting market. A lot of people seem to discount it because of the RNG rolls factor. I don't see it as gambling, I see it as an opportunity to capitalize on specific niches.

    1. Exactly, it's only gambling if the person crafting hangs on to the items they can use and not the rest that could be sold to people with different needs.

  3. Hi markco nice tips on the blog keep the good work,
    i have 2 questions regarding dodge chance,
    there is a cap?
    and if not, lets assume that each one of ur 12 itens gives u 50 dexterity, so u will have at least 600 dex on ur character, each point of dex gives 0,1% of dodge chance so with 600 dex u will have 60% dodge chance?

    1. I have not heard of a cap announced yet.

      You are correct, it is 10% of your dexterity = increased dodge chance.

      Since monks want dexterity on every piece of gear, it makes you wonder if there will be diminishing returns after a certain point. Otherwise, who's going to be able to even hit a well geared monk?

  4. My forum delving has shown me there is a diminishing return of dex to dodge.

    The numbers
    Dex 1-100 = .1 per
    Dex 100+ = .025 per

    Come from within this thread

    I recall reading somewhere else the return diminishes again at 200+ dex.

  5. Out of curiosity, do blues that you post for 15k-30k really sell? If so, how many times do you have to repost them?

    I ask because I seem to have difficulty selling what I thought were pretty good stat crafted blues for just 2k-4k. Sometimes when I post them down to 1k just to get rid of them, they still don't sell. I assumed this must be because:
    a) The AH interface is terrible and nobody can even find my wares most of the time; or
    b) The beta market is kind of small and oversaturated with sellers at this point
    c) There are so many crafters all selling crafted stuff for anywhere from 500-1k


    1. Yes the 15-30k sell because they are the top of the market. They usually sell before they run out

      But that being said, Tyr interface does suck and it makes selling for less than top price difficult.

      Remember to search by item category and level range, that way you can price at the top of that particular market.

    2. I see, that's interesting. Thanks!