10 Good Reasons For No RMAH in First Week

There are ups and downs to the real money auction house being down for the first week of play. I tend to be a pretty positive person, so I thought I'd come up with a list of reasons why this is actually a good thing. Then I'll focus on the best reason for a delayed RMAH...

1. World Firsts will happen without the aid of buying items and more importantly gold from the RMAH. You see, even if no one has any items to sell to a person fighting Inferno since the majority of us are still on Normal, gold was the one thing that they could have bought.

2. We'll get to enjoy the game and immerse ourselves without worrying about posting/updating auctions. There's not going to be anywhere near as much stress as there could have been for us auctioneers!

3. Server stability will be fixed by the time we start posting auctions (hopefully). I would hate to have missed out on opportunities simply because of server stability early on.

4. Plenty of time to write drafts of my gold guide. Even though there's a ton of information in the gold guide already, having a little extra time while playing to finalize early strategies will help me immensely. I think I would have given myself the flu if I was playing the game, playing the auction house, keeping up with news, and writing the guide all at the same time. I don't think people sometimes realize just how crazy dedicated I am to this website and the corresponding guide/forum. It's a lot of work so I'm shouting "Yay!" at another week to prepare.

5. A chance to test our artisans before we use them to make money. While it will benefit us to start making gold with our artisans right away, we'll also gain experience for when we make the jump to selling for money instead.

6. Having access to a wider range of items to sell by the time the RMAH comes online is huge. Instead of everyone selling in the same 30 markets, we'll have hundreds to choose from.

7. Personally, I'm running a Tough Mudder just a few days before the game launches. Due to this fact, I'm not sure if I'll be in the best shape for non stop gaming so a delayed RMAH is fine by me!

8. Gold will have more value by the time we can sell it. Yes, the value of gold will drop fast when everyone starts dumping it on the auction house, but before that point it's going to be really really valuable. Knowing how to make it quickly will enable you to get way ahead of your fellow players.

9. The opportunity to sell gold on day one would have been a great way to make money, but using your gold to prepare for a week instead is even better. When everyone thinks that they have to stockpile gold and sell it off in a week, you'll be investing it and selling items instead. This will be an even greater opportunity than the chance to sell gold on day one.

10. Reading all the complaining and whining on the official forums is hilarious.

Best Reason By Far

Let's look at #9 a little closer, namely the opportunity to prepare for the RMAH instead of just jumping into it on day 1. Consider this comparison:

  1. Day 1 RMAH Release: You can sell gold and that's about it on the first day.
  2. Day 7 RMAH Release: You can sell gold, crafting materials, weapons, gear, gems, and have leveled artisans to support this cause.

See how this is a huge benefit to players who plan on making money? Instead of one strategy, you now have one week to prepare a diverse number of methods! I'm actually really excited by this change and believe that you'll be able to make more money by having more options.

What do you think?


  1. This is just perfect timing because you are right. Day 1 after the launch all players will be in Normal mode and gold will be the only item that will be sold on the very first day.

    What I would plan to do instead of selling in the Auction houses is to enjoy the game, level my character, harvest more gold and loot rare items. I might do this runs for 2 weeks until I level my character to 60.

  2. Great article, haven't thought about the benefits of this one week delay and you have 10 here!