How 16 Players Will Be Making Money in Diablo 3

Question: "What will you choose to make money in Diablo 3?"

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It was a real struggle finding people who had spoken about this month's topic: "What will you choose to make money in Diablo 3?" I was hoping to find sites that had opinions on what they would choose (and more importantly not choose) to focus on in Diablo 3's early days. Would the blacksmith be the best option? Maybe the jeweler or just flipping items on the two auction houses would be worth focusing on. Unfortunately, most were kind of vague on this matter.

Here's what I could find on the subject, and please note that I do not agree with all (or even most) of the writers. However, it's important to get as many ideas out in the open as possible, so I've included quite a few articles that I completely disagree with. Enjoy and thanks to all participants and link submissions!

D3 Domination Not Rushing It

"I will no doubt be doing both of these things…often and with vigor. While I do look forward to charging my way to level 60, I am not going to treat it as a race. I’ve been waiting a very long time for this game, and I want to really sink my teeth into the whole experience as I level. Rushing to 60 is not on my agenda."

First 60 Days

"It’s important to eliminate some strategies that are gimped right off the bat.  Leveling the Blacksmith might seem like a good idea at first, but may be a worthless money sink until you reach the later levels of the game.  Why?  Lets take a look at how much this is going to cost (this is obviously subject to change but Blizzard has consistently increased resources needed to level the blacksmith throughout the beta)."

Potentially Building and Selling Characters

"A feature of the RMAH that is unknown to many Diablo 3 fans is the ability to not only buy and sell virtual items but characters as well. While it’s looking like the option to do this won’t be in at launch (more on this later), Blizzard have previously confirmed their commitment to allowing characters to be bought and sold for real money; it’s more than just a rumor!"

Farming and Crafting Ideas

"A wealth of information is out there now regarding these 2 key areas for making gold early on at release. The advantage anyone who has played the beta has now is, or should be a pretty thorough knowledge of the first 13 levels on normal mode, and what stats will ultimately prove most desirable during peoples initial play though."

Ray Will Focus On...

"This technique falls under the arbitrage category but what I’m doing is applying my knowledge of player psychology, human psychology – which I stress I’ve learned from online game markets and supplementary reading only – to the Diablo 3 auction house. You and I won’t need to be Sigmund Freud to make this work – trust me on that."

Farming Top End Gear

"There is a big concern in the community that eventually top-end gear will flood the D3 market and thus will not be valuable.  This will lead to players just purchasing top quality gear from the RMAH rather than progressing through the game organically and earning it themselves.  AndyChrono made a fantastic post on the subject over at the forums and was kind enough to let us post it for you here.  It should assuage some of your fears about potential over-saturation of the RMAH at the highest levels."

Making and Selling Gold

"The hottest item that will be traded for real money will be gold. Players will be more willing to pay real money for gold than they will for armor and weapons. Many players that will play Diablo III are going to be gamers who played World of Warcraft, Everquest, Ultima Online or some other type of MMO that they had to pay a monthly fee to play. The average will be willing to spend a little money each month buying gold on the RMAH."

Staying Ahead of the Pack

"If you want to make some dough from Diablo 3 you’re going to need the rarest, most valuable and powerful items. That goes without saying."

Playing the Time Sinks

"If you want to save money then you need to understand how gold sinks work because they are what’s going to suck your gold up. They can also be reflected in prices. For instance, when players combine gems they will spend literally millions of gold to create the highest quality gem. All of that gold will be taken out of the game and sent to Blizzard (not literally). That’s a gold sink. A time sink is similar. It’s common places and ways that casual players waste their time."

Supply and Demand Video

"Here's some ideas on how to make money playing Diablo 3 and using the RMAH (Real Money Auction House). The RMHA allows players to sell what they have in game for real money. This video contains analysis of overall price changes, when to buy and sell, and how to make money simply on trading."

Make Money in One Month Count Down

"Things are simple right now, people will buy what they need. Find out what do they need and sell it to them. They need mats, high end dps weapon gold and as last: good piece of armour."

Easy 20,000 Gold Per Hour

"Farming Subtle Essence is used as a base material by a blacksmith in order to craft weapons, armor and equipment.  You will get 1 Subtle Essence for every item that you salvage which is magic, rare or legendary."

Overview of Three Basic of Methods

"Different strategies are already in the works. But regardless of which strategy you choose, one thing must first be addressed – the RMAH fees. Assuming the fees in the final version of the Diablo 3 RMAH will be the same as those in the Diablo 3 beta test, there will be a $0.15 fee for posting an item onto the RMAH and an $0.65 transaction fee if the item is actually sold. So basically every item you sell needs to be worth at least $0.80 for you to make a profit."

First Week Strategy

"As most blogs out there will cover all the in-game strategies such as level up fast, sell gold, sell mats, etc., I decided to take a different approach: I’ll be covering the strategies I’ll use in my real life to maximize my Diablo 3 playing time in the first week after release, because playing more time means more time leveling and more gold for my characters, simple as that!"

Analyzing Trends

"1) In order to make money – you must enter the market to actually receive the money.
2) In order to maximize your time – you must have knowledge of an item’s value now and how it’s value will change in the future."

Big Pay Days

"Now, with that said many players have already decided on exactly how they plan to use this system to make money once the game comes out. Many have taken the time to watch the economy and see what items are going to be selling the best. Me personally, I like big paydays."

How I'll Make Money in the First Month

"There's a lot of information on this page, and some people aren't going to want to read all the reasoning and theory crafting. For those just looking for a few solid examples of how to make money right out the gate, here they are in a nut shell:"


  1. Don't know if you have seen it yet Markco but Blizzard just post the official RMAH fees and the RMAH won't be active the first week of release.

    1. Seriously? What an interesting move on their part... do you have a link to confirm? Is this on the official site?

      and FAQ

    3. Post the link to the fees but the blog post on the official site was removed you can still see on Diablo Fans blue tracker.


    1. "The gold auction house will be available at launch, and we plan to bring the real-money auction house online approximately one week after the game’s U.S. launch. This is a new service that includes lots of complex elements, so we are going to take some extra time to ensure the game gets off to a good start before we open the real-money auction house for business."

  3. "The gold-based auction house will be available for use immediately. For security reasons and to ensure the integrity of the real-money auction house service, players who purchase the digital version of Diablo III may have to wait up to three days after buying the game to access the real-money auction house.

    Please note that players who purchased the game digitally three or more days prior to the launch of the real-money auction house (see above) will not be affected by this requirement, as the three-day access delay will have already been accounted for within the one-week launch delay of the real-money auction house noted above."

  4. Well this certainly changes things, less money to be made off ignorance in the first week too. That is too bad.

  5. Blizzard announced a 15% cash out to PayPal fee today too. That is brutal!

    Check their new AH guide to find the fees.

  6. 30% just to get your money to Paypal, and then probably what another 2% to get it to your bank account ?

    This is getting as bad as federal taxes !

    1. It's not 30%, at all.

      If you sell gear/weapons you get charged 1$ + 15%. So if you sell a Great Axe for 100$ you get a net profit of (100-1)*0.85 = 84$. Not bad at all, considering it's FREE money for playing the game.

      If you sell stackable items (gold, reagents, ...) the net profit is lower. 100$ of gold become (100*0.85)*0.85 = 72$. Lower, YES... but again FREE money for doing what you would do for free anyway.

      PayPal fees are included in that 15% tax and PayPal does not charge you to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account or credit card.

  7. where was the one week thing located? I looked and no blue post now nor anything in the faq?

  8. so the new strategy will be play g ah and level as fast as you can for rmah release I take it and stockpile. I heard also that worldplay is just for fun and the gold ah will be limited to different regions servers, no rmah unless you setup a foreign address and make something on a second account.

    1. 7 days later everyone will be vomiting gold on the RMAH. So I don't think this will be a GREAT strategy to earn some money. Doable, yes, but not as profitable as if RMAH was released on May 15th.

      It's a bit hard to predict stuff in advance, Blizzard is clearly trying to kill "easy" money-makers. I guess that ITEM SELLING will be better, because you get a lower tax and no one will be able to find good stuff (gold, on the contrary, will flow like a river)

  9. The shit hit the fan on forums because of the requirement to tie your cellphone to your account if you want to cash out. Looks like we won't be using our multiboxing accounts for RMAH sales to have have more than 10 slots because that would require a separate cell number for each account. And no, internet sms services, google voice and pre-paid phones (unless you're on one with a $100 upfront fee) aren't accepted.