Fiery Brimstones are on Fire!

Over the past month, some members of the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Forum have been buying incredible amounts of Fiery Brimstone. As we've seen since the ANNOUNCEMENT for patch 1.0.3, let alone post patch, the prices have continued to increase daily. They are currently worth 4x as much as when people on the forum started advising that we buy them up.

What started as a harmless, 20,000 gold, rarely used item, has become a staple part of the economy. Rares and set pieces are becoming increasingly difficult to find, and we are currently in a cycle along these lines:

  1. Buy level 59-60 legendaries for less than .85 times the price of Fiery Brimstone.
  2. Salvage.
  3. Sell Fiery Brimstone for a profit.
  4. Price of level 59-60 legionaries rise from this activity.
  5. Buy level 59-60 legendaries for less than .85 times the price of Fiery Brimstone.
  6. Sell Fiery Brimstone for profit.
  7. Price of level 59-60 legionaries rise from this activity.


There is plenty of demand for these items, but the market seems to be dictated by the price of item level 59-60 legionaries. If you haven't noticed, these are dropping less and less frequently, especially in Act 3/4 of Inferno. Blues have already stated that drop rates would be fixed, but they were referring to rares, not legendaries. Will Blizzard improve legendary drop rates? I don't believe so, and I don't think that Fiery Brimstones have come close to their real value.

What are Fiery Brimstone used for exactly?

Fiery Brimstones are used to craft set and legendary gear (green and orange). As legendaries become less frequent drops, crafting them is becoming a more appealing option. Players were gathering up cheaply priced legendaries and crafting the more expensive ones, including set pieces. As these sell off and the cheap priced legendaries are bought out, you can see the price of Fiery Brimstone exploding in real time.

Money Making Opportunity?

Fiery Brimstone will be the most popularly traded commodity for real world currency. Yes, I'm calling it now, and I think that you should continue to hold on to Fiery Brimstone until the price actually decreases. I would advise even buying them out in droves at the current price, then wait a week and sell them off if you're skittish. As far as I'm concerned, these things could get as high as 500,000 gold at the rate they are going. We STILL don't know where their market end price will be!

Who Saw this Coming?

We did, but others didn't. I have read on multiple websites that promoted the selling of legionaries as the best way to react to patch 1.0.3! Be careful what advice you follow for free online, and definitely stick to the private advice of our forum.

Speaking of forums... be sure to jump into the discussion we're having right now on who the real winners are after Fiery Brimstone's increase in price this past weekend.


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  2. I must say you make good blog posts. Sometimes I still feel stepping into something late and not profiting at full. But following your blog for a while now. I managed to make a good buck by using lots off stratagys + own made stratagys.

    Well like the fiery brimstones got around 50. So thats not a bad profit at all when they get to 500k each. But people who were prepared got like 2000 in there stashes.

    So what I can say yea go on with your postings I like it and maybe I buy your guide in the future. The only reason I didn't I see a lot off guides over the internet so a bit skiptical. But maybe it will change me mind later on. :)

    I personaly can't wait for the commodity rmah to open up. Got lots off stuff ready and upcoming possible expansions cause I learned a lot now that I can use when new items come out.

  3. Wow that's amazing Markco, very instructive article. I hope my english will be as good as yours since my blog looks like sh*t compared to yours. Actually, this was a great article you've just written, I was buying Brimstones all week and you are so right, they are increasing in price VERY fast :o

  4. There are two sides of this type of strategy though. While yes you can make a good profit in pure gold over time from buying now and selling later, the value of the gold changes.

    20,000g two or three weeks ago is worth around 80,000 - 100,000g now. The rate of inflation in this game is insane and the only thing not dropping in value (read staying above inflation) is high end items. In most cases high end items are actually increasing in value higher than inflation if the rolled stats are very good.

  5. What are people crafting with this stuff?

    I'm only aware of Helm of Command, the Sage Set and Black Bone Arrows. Anything else?

  6. For reasons you touched on Fiery Brimstone is going to be the precious metals (although expendable) of Diablo III; it will be a place that money is continually funneled into and we already KNOW that the amount of money in the game is GOING UP. Inflation has the potential of driving the prices of FB up into the millions.

  7. whats the difference between

    1.Buy level 59-60 legendaries
    4.Price of level 59-60 legionaries
    Not sure what legionaries are!

  8. Does each legendary guarantee a fiery brimstone when salvaged ?

    1. Not guaranteed but close to 100%. So close some people don't know that it isn't guaranteed.

  9. Thank you for this post, Markco. I was already buying legendaries last week and selling the fiery brimstontes for profit, but i must admit I never thought it will rise up to 100k. I hope it will continue like that :)

  10. Cool site but how come you're not accepting paypal?

    1. I believe that you need to have several transactions before paypal enables you to buy clickbank products.

  11. Brimstones actually rose 7x, on the Sunday before the 1.0.3 patch (2 days before the patch), you had already hinted us on the blog that Brimstones will rise in price.
    At that time, one Fiery Brimstone was 20k.
    Now they are 140k.
    Too bad I started Diablo III on Sunday.. didn't have money to stockpile any Brimstones before the patch hit.
    Never thought they would rise this much though.

  12. Really sad story today.
    I started Diablo III last week, and today I decided to do my first Public game - an Inferno Act II run.
    Me and a Barb tanked for the 2 DH, and the run was completed nicely.
    ..However, I decided to use the money to craft a few items.
    They were shit.
    And a few hours have passed, I have 22k gold, and I see a Legenday Lv59 Helm for 55k on the AH. I don't have the money to buy it, so I just stand there looking at it for 2 minutes. It sells. I die.

  13. It's not just gold inflation, but item overproduction/saturation. If day two after the release even 730 dps blue weapon was worth millions, now you can barely get 5k for one.
    At higher rolled good affixes things become more interesting, however. We are talking about odds of magnitude of 1 in a trillion or even smaller here. Such items can only drop maybe like 1 per day per ALL players or even rarer. Therefore their quantity in just does not increase at any stable rate, since distribution of rolls with so small odds can get really.... spread out.
    Therefore you get maxed out threads on official forums like "Nothing sells at AH" (people, who don't understand their low/bad stat 800 dps rare weapon is not really so rare anymore to sell for 600k like two weeks ago) or "Can't afford anything, everything costs millions" (people, who don't understand that they don't really need 95%+ of max rolled items to progress, and that a similar or better than that 1230 dps weapon with 125 str, 97% crit and socket might simply not drop for next 6 months or even longer).

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