3 Fastest Ways to Make Money in Diablo 3

The Reaper of Souls Expansion is coming and a lot of people are coming back to this blog to read my thoughts on it. Despite there being very little information on the expansion released so far, you can find a few speculation tips from this blog post on how to make gold and prepare for the Diablo 3 Expansion. For the moment, a lot of people are coming back to Diablo 3 because of the expansion's announcement, and that means easy sales for those of us who understand the three fastest ways to make gold and money in Diablo 3.

Believe it or not you can make money in Diablo 3 with a level 1 character who doesn't even play the game. You buy (or preferably bid) low and then sell your items at a discount (compared to normal values). The problem with this strategy is that I can't just give you a generic guide to making money/gold and then send you packing. You need experience to back up the knowledge I disseminate to this audience.

So if you did know everything about this game already, you could simply buy a bunch of gold, take the gold to buy items on the gold auction house, then sell the items on the RMAH for more than what you started with.

You can get to the point where this is all you do, but first, you need to learn what stats players want, which items work best for which builds, etc. There are three stages to learning this information, that I cover extensively in the gold guide and accompanying private forum.

1. Farming Normal on MP10

Running around killing monsters at will without a thought for which items are worth picking up to sell and which should be salvaged will not help you very much here. Use my guide, or slowly figure it out on your own, to understand which stats players want at these levels. It's a low supply, super high demand market that anyone can succeed in. You can even flip items at this bracket without actually farming because so many people miss-price them on the auction house.

2. Flip Leveling Legendaries

Whether you craft these or find them through farming in game / auction house, you need to understand why players want certain legendaries over others. Don't forget a few tips for this market:

- Level 48 is the start of -18 reduced level requirement items. These will destroy most legendaries pre-level 58. Some items do not have the level reduced stat and tend to sell very well around level 48.
- Search by time left to see items ending soon.
- Put whatever stats you can search for that players want into the search criteria, but understand that sometimes you will need to browse through pages to find the best stuff because it's not possible to search it. See the legendary blueprint in the gold guide for a run down of every legendary in the game and how to search for the best deals.
- Crafting is a great way to get leveling legendaries. If you can afford it, buy the cain's or borne's set at the very least.

3. End Game Items

You really need to have a grasp on character builds (try Gimmic's guide for tons class specific builds and tips) in order to know which legendaries players desire at max level. Do your homework and read up on strategy guides throughout the internet. The more popular the strategy, the more likely you will be able to sell the items associated with it. Many of the players who reveal their strategies have the items already on their character (if it's the blizzard forums) or specify example item setups in their write ups. Pay close attention to this information and see if you can't make money off your research.

All three of these fastest ways to make money in Diablo 3 require that you understand the fees in this game. Please check out my gold guide for the latest gold to money conversion math that will show you the amount of money you want to sell an item for instead of gold and vice versa. This will help you avoid any embarrassing losses due to not understanding the fees and how they affect your profit calculations. When you start arbitrage from gold to RMAH and back to gold again, you really need to map out your fees!

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  1. nice concise summary! just a bit confused about "Level 48 is the start of -18 reduced level requirement items." ?