Preparing for Reaper of Souls

I've been playing a lot of Diablo 3 while I wait for Reaper of Souls to come out. Here is a list of what I'm doing (and what you should too).

1. Making Real Money on the RMAH

Come on, this was a given. The auction house is going away and right now gold is super expensive! The price is almost $3 per 50 million and so I'm hustling on both auction houses to turn a profit. What I've seen so far is that the low level stuff for leveling is doing phenominally well. Also the level 60 high stat rares for gloves, shoulders, rings and amulets. We're talking just straight up vitality, primary stat, and any damage affixes possible for the item (crit chance and damage for rings/amulets/gloves). People are gearing out their characters quickly for the expansion and paying good amounts of gold/money to do so.

Use my guide and apply it to mid level items as well as max level rares. The legendary blueprint is still king on the guide, despite its age.

2. Get Your Hell Fire Rings.

Do the current end game content over and over again until you have tons of hell fire rings. You especially want a strength one for the Crusader hero that's coming with the Reaper of Souls expansion.

3. Hit Paragon Level 100

If you get well geared and equip a hell fire ring, you should be able to do monster power 5-7 quickly and efficiently to level up to 100 paragon. For each character you max out, Blizzard is going to reward you with additional paragon levels in the expansion. The conversion is small, in favor of the new paragon levels, but worth doing while you farm for items.

I've decided that no matter what I will update the guide to include farming strategies. Depending on what happens, I will make the forum open to everyone for free. So please, just buy the guide and don't buy any more forum time.


  1. Hi Markco,

    Been following your post for the last couple of years.
    Is there really a purpose to play D3 with new expansion coming and RMAH closing?
    This was in my opinion the game's edge.
    Without this I don't see a reason to keep playing with other similar games such as WOW or GW2 where you have more content.
    And honestly I don't see myself as still selling gold after for Real money and getting my account banned.

  2. If you played D2 and Blizzard manages to capture the same level of fun in building a character and finding loot, then yes, you'll like D3's expansion. However, you should play now to make money from the game while you still can!