Torment VI +1900% Magic Find Runs Anyone Can Do

EDIT: You can also go to the Cathedral level 3 waypoint to get a free chest every time, as well as continue to the skeleton king's lair for a bunch of easy jars.

You can use the auction house to get a complete set of +Magic Find, +Gold Find, and +Pickup Radius gear for your character. I highly recommend getting a socketed helm with a max topaz gem as well. You can easily cover the maximum +300% magic find if you use the helm and a high magic find amulet. Set bonuses can also help you and the set gear could keep your surivability high enough to get around the skeletal archers without dying.

This route was used by botters when the game first came out and it can serve you much the same way it helped them... lots of gold and items from the containers and occasional chest. If you use high pickup radius and some sort of constant aoe (think wizards and monks) then you can do this run over and over again for lots of gold.

Remember to buy your gear now before the auction house goes away forever!

If you were following my gold guide all along then you would already have a magic find and gold find set for farming low level items. Since the auction house is going away, you won't have a need for farming such items to sell to players ever again. At least there is something for you to do with your set in the form of these runs!

Personally, I had 2 legendaries drop in 2 runs, which is like a legendary per minute and a half. I am going to go grab a socketed helm and continue doing this until I'm full of high level legendaries for the reaper of souls expansion.


  1. Changing Torment difficulty does not change your Magic Find %, it effects only gold find %, so i don`t see any reasons of choosing Torment 6 over Torment 1 in respect of legendary farming

  2. Many thanks for your tips and Gold Guide. I am truly sad to see the AH getting disbanded. It helped me get through a time of unemployment. Although I have some stable work now, I still play diablo 3 to supplement my lower income. Do you have any suggestions on games where one can make a little money on the side? Are there trusted websites that act as brokers, like Blizzard did with Diablo 3?


  3. They changed the way magic find works; it's only 1/10 (?) as effective on legendary & set drops now!