Damage Per Second Stat is Pointless

Here is why I believe the DPS stat is worthless in Diablo 3:

1. There are so many things not used in the calculation of your dps, like +elemental damage, +elite damage, +skill damage, and special procs on legendaries.

2. Attack speed and damage on a weapon are misleading indications of its true dps. Just look at the actual number ranges of low and top end to determine it's real value.

3. Nobody actually uses normal attacks, and the dps really only shows you what your normal attacks would do.

Case in point for all this... I have dropped from 1 million dps down to 850,000 and I'm doing more damage now than ever. I picked up cluster arrow damage, a few +15% damage modifiers, +40% fire damage, dropped all my attack speed for hatred regen/cost reduction, and now I'm slapping enemies for 15-30 million damage every 1.5 seconds. Yet my dps meter reads 150,000 damage LESS than what I had when I was just strafing 100% of the time.

What are your thoughts on damage per second as a worthless stat?

Best Methods for Farming Legendaries and Gems

I have three simple ways to determine if you are farming in the correct difficulty level. All of these apply to single player; either in adventure or quest mode.

1. DPS
Can you kill the treasure goblin before it escapes through its portal?

2. Toughness
Can you kill almost all elite packs in under 30 seconds? Running away and kiting an elite pack for two minutes means you probably are not strong enough to stand and fight them efficiently.

3. Healing
Can you survive attacking an elite with damage reflect?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you need to reduce the difficulty you're currently playing at. Otherwise you're just being inefficient!

For farming legendaries, certain ones drop from each of the Horadric caches in adventure mode. Act IV drops all legendaries which can be found in all caches, while the other acts have smaller loot tables. There are also legendaries which drop from any level 70 monster on any difficulty. Finally, there is a set number of legendaries which drop from Torment 1 level 70 monsters.

Don't try to farm legendaries until you are at level 70. The best method I've found is to do Rifts for legendaries and bounties for gold (so you can combine those expensive gems). Since some legendaries can only be found in rifts or bounties, I highly recommend doing both. But if you just need legendaries right now, do the highest difficulty level Rift you can. You'll also get more souls from the enemies.

With regards to gems, you can do master I believe which enables you to get higher gems on level 61-70 monsters. It's not a common occurrence though, so don't up your difficulty level just to get better gems.

How to Manage Inventory and Stash

In this video tutorial I will show you how I go through my inventory quickly and efficiently. When playing on multiplayer, you want to get into town to sell your items and back onto the field of battle with as little down time as possible. Enjoy!

Official Reaper of Souls Guide 2014

The latest buzz in our d3 community is surrounding the guide published yesterday by Gimmic, who is famous for his knowledge of classes and builds in Diablo 3. Previously Gimmic created a two-fold guide that taught players how to purchase items on the old auction house and create the perfect builds for their characters. Now he's back to explain how each class can be optimized for the highest dps and surivability.

So far, after just a few hours of reading through all the amazing tutorials and well thought out advice, I am absolutely thrilled with the copy he gave me. I felt like he took away all the stress and anxiety I felt while trying to find that perfect build for each of my new level 70's. With limited resources, I was terrified about combining the wrong gems or rerolling stats too much. The whole situation added unnecessary stress to my gameplay. However, thanks to Gimmic, I have a road map to follow and know that there's no longer any reason to stress over gear comparisons. I'm thinking this is easily worth the same as buying multiple level 70 characters from the black market. Yet it's a lot cheaper, will provide you with hours of entertainment, and best of all... it won't get you banned lol!

Gimmic's guides are essential for making you a more powerful player without having to invest hundreds of hours into Diablo 3. How you farm for gold and legendaries is equally important to the way you build your character. If either part of the equation is incorrect then you'll end up having to keep starting over until you get it right.

To avoid all that hassle and get six max level characters that are more than just "another level 70" amongst your friends, I highly recommend checking out Gimmic's guide to Diablo 3 : Reaper of Souls.

Try it out and see how crazy quickly you can gear out your fresh 70's or even just level up your new Crusader. If you can think of an aspect of the game which you'd like to know more about, then I can guarantee that Gimmic has already thoroughly explored it for you.

Get the best, current information along with free updates by heading over to Gimmic's Guide to Reaper of Souls. This guide did wonders for me, and I consider myself a great player!

I Recommend Using Rares in DIablo 3

Here are the reasons why legendaries can *sometimes* be better than rares:

  1. Special unique bonuses (not all legendaries have this)
  2. Higher roll chance for stats
  3. Stat present that usually can't roll for the item type (like attack speed on a belt)

Logically you want to have a character decked out in all legendaries because that should be better for your stats according to my list of benefits. However, this is not feasible in your first several hundred hours of play in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. You will instead find hundreds of thousands of rares while attempting to fill your character with useful legendaries.

Through gambling your blood shards or random looting, you will find perfectly awesome rares for your current build setup. You also have the ability to cheaply reroll on of the stats on a near perfect rare, which I highly recommend!

My infinite strafe build for demon hunters works because I have rares that were rerolled for things like crit damage, gem slots, and resource reduction. Keep this in mind when you're rushing to sell or salvage your rares! There might be some amazing items getting destroyed if you're not careful!

Demon Hunter "Infinite Strafe" Build


I've been experimenting with my Demon Hunter to the point now that I have an awesome "Infinite Strafe Build". It works great even if you don't have the gear to do it properly (as in make it truly infinite strafing).

In the video I also included how I quickly go through my inventory when selling to the vendor or salvaging (depending on my needs at the time).

Hope the video gives you some ideas! What builds are you working on with the new game?

Also... a friend of mine is putting the finishing touches on a leveling/adventure guide to Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. As soon as it's complete I'll let you know!

Level 1 to 57 in 1 Hour

My friend and I just got two characters to level 57 in an hour each. Here's how it works...

  1. Start with two players, one who is level 1 and one who is level 70.
  2. Have the level 1 character join the level 70 character's party.
  3. The 70 character creates a game at Royal Audience, Act 2, on torment 6.
  4. Both players leave the game and their party.
  5. Level 1 character creates a game (don't change any settings).
  6. Level 70 character joins.
  7. Kill the serpents in belial's room, do the gauntlet run, then end the game once you enter the sewers and get your quest completed.
  8. Repeat steps 4 - 7 until you can't quickly kill the enemies and keep your partner alive.

The first run alone you'll get to like level 7 without a hellfire ring. I highly recommend wearing the gear you find during the run, especially to get a helm with a socket for bonus experience.

We ran on the weekend, so there was an additional 50% bonus to experience, which is not additive, so that 1600 experience turned into 2400 (instead of 1650). With a hellfire ring and socketed helm, I leveled around 10 minutes faster than my friend.