Fast Free Leveling Experience D3 ROS


Here's a simple method for getting millions of experience on your alts each time you finish a rift with a level 70 character. I believe this works for turning in quests to get horadric cubes.

First, complete a level 70 rift on any torment or difficulty setting. Next, take turns logging off and getting on a lower level character. Make sure that at least one person is in the game at all times so it doesn't go away. Lastly, turn in your quest to give everyone a big chunk of experience.

Torment 6 Wizard Tanking Build


This is by far the best Wizard tank build in Reaper of Souls. The more enemies you hit with spectral blade and black hole, the more damage you'll do to all of them with your explosive blast.

The ess of Johan makes the build insanely good, as it provides you with an additional (albeit random) method for pulling enemies close to you.

If you use black hole, wait a few seconds, freeze, wait a few seconds, mirror image, wait until mirror images start to die or disappear, then you can repeat the whole process again with a black hole.

After the video was made, I got the full set bonus for immunity to plague, desecration, and molten. Now I am focusing on getting my lightning resistance as high as possible.

If you want to do more damage, work on these four stats: fire damage, attack speed, crit chance, and crit damage.

Cluster Arrow DH Build and Gold Tips


Some Gold Tips:

1. Don't waste gold and materials rerolling decent legendary items into good ones. Instead, only save your lost souls for rerolling great items into amazing/perfect ones.

2. Do reroll rares when you're still working on building your legendary set. It is inexpensive and greatly improves their value.

3. Understand your chances for getting the reroll you want by looking at the possible outcomes (press question mark to right of item property within the enchantress tab).

4. Avoid putting gems into sockets until you've created the best ones (royal).

5. Use salvage to remove gems whenever possible.

Damage Per Second Stat is Pointless

Here is why I believe the DPS stat is worthless in Diablo 3:

1. There are so many things not used in the calculation of your dps, like +elemental damage, +elite damage, +skill damage, and special procs on legendaries.

2. Attack speed and damage on a weapon are misleading indications of its true dps. Just look at the actual number ranges of low and top end to determine it's real value.

3. Nobody actually uses normal attacks, and the dps really only shows you what your normal attacks would do.

Case in point for all this... I have dropped from 1 million dps down to 850,000 and I'm doing more damage now than ever. I picked up cluster arrow damage, a few +15% damage modifiers, +40% fire damage, dropped all my attack speed for hatred regen/cost reduction, and now I'm slapping enemies for 15-30 million damage every 1.5 seconds. Yet my dps meter reads 150,000 damage LESS than what I had when I was just strafing 100% of the time.

What are your thoughts on damage per second as a worthless stat?

Best Methods for Farming Legendaries and Gems

I have three simple ways to determine if you are farming in the correct difficulty level. All of these apply to single player; either in adventure or quest mode.

1. DPS
Can you kill the treasure goblin before it escapes through its portal?

2. Toughness
Can you kill almost all elite packs in under 30 seconds? Running away and kiting an elite pack for two minutes means you probably are not strong enough to stand and fight them efficiently.

3. Healing
Can you survive attacking an elite with damage reflect?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you need to reduce the difficulty you're currently playing at. Otherwise you're just being inefficient!

For farming legendaries, certain ones drop from each of the Horadric caches in adventure mode. Act IV drops all legendaries which can be found in all caches, while the other acts have smaller loot tables. There are also legendaries which drop from any level 70 monster on any difficulty. Finally, there is a set number of legendaries which drop from Torment 1 level 70 monsters.

Don't try to farm legendaries until you are at level 70. The best method I've found is to do Rifts for legendaries and bounties for gold (so you can combine those expensive gems). Since some legendaries can only be found in rifts or bounties, I highly recommend doing both. But if you just need legendaries right now, do the highest difficulty level Rift you can. You'll also get more souls from the enemies.

With regards to gems, you can do master I believe which enables you to get higher gems on level 61-70 monsters. It's not a common occurrence though, so don't up your difficulty level just to get better gems.